Looking for a new challenge this year? Still can ride a bike, but no-longer a kid so the hoop doesn't work? Want a fun way to get fit and feel good? How about hooping?

We are bringing back the crazy, hazy days of summer showing that we are all kids at heart with good old fashioned hula hoops. Its all about getting a bit of exercise with a lot of fun.

Yes, belly dancing, and yoga are good for helping you to tone and tighten stomach muscles; but who has time to get to a class? All you need is a good hoop and some good music; add a few friends you are sure to have some laughs!!

Hooping is great fun and an excellent way to tone and tighten your stomach. It's slimming, and easy to do in your own home. Making it a great option for busy mums and those that are find it hard to fit the time in for a workout or are not too keen to go for that walk after dark.

So why not set yourself a challenge to try something different this year! Check out our gallery and then contact us to get yourself a hoop.

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